Technical Support Partners

We partner with industry leaders to provide value-add services and unparalleled technical support for our specialty hosting products.

HVAC Concepts offers 24/7 remote monitoring and alarm management services. Our Monitoring Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year with experienced and highly-trained building automation specialists. Our depth of knowledge and experience assures fast and correct prioritization when we need to respond to an alarm.

We offer customers several, flexible levels of our Remote Monitoring, Alarm Management and technical support services:

  • Live & Automated Alarm Notification & Escalation – Email, SMS, Phone Call(s)
  • Backup for Controllers, Server Applications, Configurations and More
  • Customized Monitoring & Response Procedures
  • Real-Time Trouble-Shooting & Diagnostics
  • Remote Programming and Commissioning
  • Customer Alarm Portal
  • Alarm Reporting & Trending
  • Alarm & Data Archiving
  • Associated Managed IT Services

HVAC Concepts does not just setup automated alarm notifications like many other companies. Our Monitoring Operations Center is watching for and sees alarms and events in real-time. Depending on the level of services agreed to, in addition to monitoring your facilities, systems and equipment, HVAC Concepts’ highly-trained Building Automation Specialists can take control and remotely solve issues in real-time or near real-time. This has allowed our customers to maximize their internal staff capabilities and minimize the need for staff during none-normal working hours and days. HVAC Concepts Monitoring Operations Center is a state-of-the-art facility with redundant systems, onsite backup power generation and state-of-the-art security.

Stratusi is a leading provider of a wide variety of technical support and  services including enterprise software development, cybersecurity consulting, load & stress testing and much more.